пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

pookiedoo: Where did you go?

The other night, I sat at my computer, legs pulled up to my chest, head resting on my knees, staring out my window, memories, questions and thoughts ran through my mind. And I realized, all the mistakes I had made, all the things I had done, all the people that I hurt, and the people I loved, everything has made me what I have become now.
I signed off the internet, and turned off my computer, pushing in my chair I laid down in my bed, staring at that blank wall my bed was pushed up against, questions without answers continued to rush through my head. His scent was strong on my pillow, and I gripped it tightly in my arms breathing him in for what seemed like what would be the last time. I was sure of it. Then I realized what I had done, the one thing that probably could have made me happy, the one relationship that could end my suffering, the one person that knew me for who I was, he was gone. I stared at the blank wall, unable to fall asleep, when I closed my eyes I saw his face, slowly drifting into the darkness I remember smiling at the thought of what once had been. One thing that had given me hope that the future would be bright, I was given second chance by someone I care deeply for, and for this I am grateful. -- Days passed and I signed onto my messengers, sitting with one leg tucked high against my chest, the other tapping against my desk gently, as I viewed his away message, my heart sank . Was he with someone? Was he taken now? Did he not care at all about me anymore? Why do I feel this way? Questions unanswered never to be.
My love flees & My dreams fade Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end..

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