пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.


I was browsing my friendsfriends and someone was excited about Neil Gaiman meeting John Simm and how cute that is that they're eachothers fans :D And I want over Neil Gaiman's blog to see for myself and it is indeed adorkable :P Also, I clicked around his website a bit (I'm not a huge fan, but I did read two of his books) and found his daughter interviewing him audio clip and it's such a cute interview! Awww :) Also, this was linked on my flist: lj community of lovely cat photos, posted one a day :) I was very upset with my new ipod nano yesterday (I named it Rozi, which S. is quite unhappy about as I don't think he thinks it's dignified enough :P) because earlier I told it to synch with my desktop comp, where I have a bit of music and all the podcasts. But I have the majority of my music on my laptop and it wouldn't connect with it properly :( Of course, the minute S. sat with my latop to figure out why I couldn't put music on it on my laptop, he figured it out :P he just cancelled synch and now it all works properly :D :D I have to say though, that 8 GB? Not all that much. Just all the software takes up over half a gigabyte. And if I'm not mistaken, the Nike thingy also takes up some space (haven't tried it yet though!). So now I put all my music from the harddrive on I have barely 40 MB free! I don't know what I'll do when I rip all my favourite cds... I guess I won't be able to have everything on it at the same time, especially since I also really enjoy listening to audiobooks and those need quite a bit of space... Oh, well :) I still think it's better than touch :P S.'s touch doesn't have games *gasp* :P Okay, so touch is very lovely of course, and much much better at visuals - I love looking at photos and 'jogging' through them with my fingers :D It's most fun in a wi-fi environment I'm sure though, which where I live is not. Was going to go to Siddharta's concert today but it sold out before we got tickets. I'm not too bothered because I've already seen them live three times before. Instead I'm going shopping with my friends and then to see Stardust. I've seen a few trailers and it looks interesting enough.

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