пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

saralilee: Sorry

Just reading my other entry I realised I haven't really told you anything about me. Hehe sorry. Uh well I was born in London and I still live here. I live with my Mum and Sister who are, most of the time, great. I don't really excell at anything nor do I have any passions. The school lables me as "Gifted and Talented". Hmm... its kinda retarded btu we get to go on trips so yeah.... Apparently I am a perfectionist and strangely proud of it although it can be very fustrating :| I really want to learn the guitar! Honestly the main reason is so I could show off :) But also itd be so awesome to be able to play an instument. Im really trying to get into music! Once again so people will like me more, but it will also make me more interesting and I do love music. So yeah trying out new bands is kinda fun, although with our slow internet connection they do take a while to download. I love to read, and I waste a load of time on the computer. I don't really have many close friends, and have been obsessing over this since I started High School. I find it hard to make friends mostly coz I can never think fo anything to say when I'm nervous... But I think I'm slowly getting over it. I love taking photos, and I just got a digital camerea for my last birthday which already seems to be broken. :|  I hate seeing myself in photos. its easy to kid yourself your pretty or thin or whatever but when you see a photo taken when your just being average you and you look fat or hideous its kinda hard to kid yourself then. I guess in life you sorta have to get on with things that youcan't do much about. Im trying to be totally honest with this journal but I've had a few things on my mind while I've been writing this.
a) Ive been thinking wheter to put a quote I like in each of my posts?
b) Thinking about what people would think if they read this
c)I Have been planning some more topics for posts
d) My nose is runny and its time for bed :)
Night Night LYxx

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