четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.


I am going to be uncharacteristically blunt about my personal opinions here. Anyone who strays under the cut should be warned of this beforehand. These are my own opinions not nessecarily yours. Dear anyone to who this is revelant (you know who you are), I have a big favour to ask. Stop treating homosexuality like it's a disease. Stop acting like we need to plaxce down laws considering who you sleep with and what books we allow our chidlren to read, too. Because seriously, folks - it always begins with banning books. because really, I swear to god (yes, to him, or her or it or whatever your perference, I can do that you know) it is not). Maybe some of you are confused. I don't blame you. It's not like homosexuality is much use to the whole continuation of the species thing. Maybe it isn't biologically logical and nessecary either, but there are a lot of things about the human condition that aren't. Using computers, for example. Money. Spoiling our kids. Eating cooked meat and vegetables. Love. We do a lot of things that don't fit in with nature's grand plan whatever that might be. We do a lot of thoigns that the christian dictum didn't anticipate for and a lot of you are extrapoliating massively from what's written in that too. You don't have to be it just because you accept it. What's the info on that icon I saw once? "I'm straight, not narrow"? The religious evidence is messed up, confusing and contradictory (anyone wh honestly open mindedly explores it will see that). Most of these people are harming absolutely nothing and noone, and for the love of everything (this refers especially to America) get your heads out of your assess about using religion to stamp your claim on this world and how things should be and make such rediculous laws and excuses. Let go already. Stop hating one of the people who present the least threat to society. Love

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