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nuevavidaz: A Designer's Refuge

"Sometimes the painting starts to relate very directly to either sights seen or experiences felt, other times it just goes off on a tangent that you really can’t articulate." 

Susan Rothenberg

  From the time where I begin my life in NAFA's BA (Hons) Multimedia Design course, my ideas had been constantly evolving. The first two weeks into the course was an arduous period which is deeply etched into the recesses of my mind. Left floudering in the tidal waves of emotions, the eye of inspiration which I had poured in so much effort to cultivate, just vanished like a hapless vessel sucked into the yawning depths of the Bermuda Triangle. It was the period of time where I was totally vulnerable, my ideas refusing to materialise and no form from my hands came out even remotely coherent.

  It was an uphill task pulling myself back together and adapting to my new circle and surroundings at the same time. One metamorphosis after another took place as I grew familiar with my new found counterparts. I have to specially mention about Nicholas because his experiences closely coincide with mine. Both of us suffered complications in our relationships shortly before we entered NAFA and we looked like absolute wrecks the first time we met in our common computer laboratory. His was 7 years, while mine was 2 and a half, and we both loved our partners deeply. It was suicide when a designer loses his drive for creativity and inspiration, because these are our most treasured and essential tools for survival. Granted it was painful trying to rebuild everything back from scratch, that process was what that molded us into what we are now. One of my closer brothers in the course, he is currently being nominated to represent NAFA in the upcoming MDA/IDA project (the current four representatives are Nicholas, Remy, Simin and Edwin) and is persuading me to join him in this prestigious event as well. I am currently waiting for a go-ahead from Simin, Edwin and their lecturer-in-charge.

  From "Ballroom Dancing" to "Past and Present", from "Hip Hop" to "Time", these ideas had emerged from sights and experiences which I had seen and undergone. Though those sights and experiences were not exactly a bed of roses, they contribute to an inevitable part of my creative thought processes. Dance was a prominent idea then (initially, it was supposed to be presented in the form of an installation), but now it has taken a step back into the background. Although my 17 counterparts know of my interest in Dance from the very beginning of the course, my current concept now takes centre stage, after numerous sleepless nights (which is of no difference from what I am doing now) and stages of development (both creative and psychological). Even Wilson, the more arrogant one amongst us, speaks of my concept to my lecturer, My Choy Kok Kee, even when I am not present. Being as prominent as Nicholas's "Reflections", Simin's "Level of Contentment", Lionel's "Artificial Intelligence" and David's "Brain Wave Technology", it was an almost everyday affair, where I have the rest of my coursemates asking how the "Time" designer was doing. David, Wilson, Nicholas, Lionel, Edwin and Simin were just asking me yesterday how my "Time" was coming along.

  I'm currently still dealing with visual experimentations (as I was telling Kok Kee yesterday evening) and compiling my research for both "Time" and "Technology". It was quite fun during his class yesterday because while waiting for our turns, I was watching Nicholas and Alvin play "Monster Hunters 2" on their white PSPs with David and Wilson. Nicholas taught me how to play using his character, which has the same hairstyle and hair colour as Sephiroth's (he likes Sephiroth that's why). I tried the Level 1 and 2 quests, which were really quite interesting (I kept being kicked off a cliff by a wild boar in one of the Level 2 quests). Simin and Edwin, on the other hand, were drawing grapes and a huge smiley face in Photoshop, and watching really lame Thai advertisement videos, which we all had a good laugh at of course. Miyuki also showed me this Soul Calibur 3 art on DeviantArt by one of our local artists - Artgerm. The art he did for Raphael was really good.

  Sabrina gave us a guide on writing our dissertations yesterday and asked us the most interesting question ever - "What is Life's simplest and most difficult question?". She sent us up to the library to check on dissertations written by NAFA's First Class Honours. I saw Jason Cheo's (my interactive lecturer-in-charge) one on "Ambient Technology". I'll be going to the library later to check on it again.

The dissertation writing guide is as follows. For Special Studies, it will follow roughly the same guide but the essay will only be limited to 6000 words.

1) Thesis Statement (e.g. "Time is of no concern in relation to Technology of Today")
2) Abstract (not more than 250 words in length)
3) Acknowledgement
4) Introduction (this section will display a more in-depth view of the concern raised)
5) Chapter 1, 2, 3
6) Conclusion
7) Appendix (insert statistics, pie charts etc. here)
8) Bibliography (insert references used here)

  I was reading through David's research materials yesterday and found this article regarding body language. It is virtually and humanely impossible for anyone or anybody in this world to be able to communicate their thoughts without any form of expression, body language and tone of voice. According to the research provided, there is no such thing as "taking everything at face value and not reading into the expression or tone of voice".

Psychologists had proven that body language is linked with a person's impact.

7% on what is said

38% on how it is said

55% on body language/gesture (i.e. Posture, Facial Expression, Gesture, Eye Contact)

Social anthropologist Edward T. Hall claims that 60% of all communications is non-verbal (non-vocal).

A meaning of a particular gesture can be either abstract (e.g. spontaneous) or semiotic (conventionalized). Gesture vary from culture to culture and individual to individual. As a result of a globalization, cultured gestures may be evolved, altered or traditional that people might be more aware of cultural differences.

Readings: David Armstrong, William C. Stokoe and Sharman E. Willcox (ASW for short). Gesture and the Nature of Language. Axtell, Roger E. Gestures: The Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around The World. John Wiley and Sons, 1991. McNeill, David. Hand and Mind: What Gestures Reveal About Thought. The University of Chicago Press, 1992. Morris, Desmond et. al. Gestures: their origins and distribution. London, 1979. O'Carroll, Eoin. Foreign gestures aren't what they seem, Nov 5, 2001.

And here are some photos that had been taken on Tuesday and Wednesday after we finished our classes for the day/night. No I'm not posting the video which Miyuki was taking last night, while Lionel, Simin and Edwin practically having so much fun "playing" with me while I was finishing my last few mouthfuls of prata and tea tarik. That's plain embarassing.

A wonderfully constructed Industrial Revolution style (1930s) car prop exhibited at Bugis Junction for promotion of the musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Say cheese~ XD

Me and my little Hip Hop cat~ X333 Miyuki wanted to buy this pen her creative director/RP lecturer friend - Jason, introduced her to from A&BC. I chanced upon a whole range of stationaries with lovable cats and dogs printed on them. I particularly loved this keychain with a cuddly white kitten whose eyes are shaded by an outstandingly aqua green knitted skullcap, and so, I bought it! Both Miyuki and I enjoyed a 5% discount off our purchases because Anne lent her A&BC membership card to us. Thanks Anne! One day, I'd like to go to your house to see your 5 cats and 2 dogs! XD

Muji was having discounts off selected items in their Bugis branch, so Lionel, Anne, Chia Chia, Miyuki and I went to have a look. The way they packed my favourite Darjeeling tea is so exquisitely unique! X333

On our way home on 147, Miyuki accidentally scratched herself. Just when she was about to clean the blood off, the blood formed a heart! Amazing huh? Yes my dear, you love your darling so much. I'm jealous. XP

The prata session from last night after Kok Kee's class. Welcome to my world, people. Or rather, welcome to our world.

And last but not least, a music video of "Stand My Ground" by "Within Temptation". Their song matches exactly with how I am feeling now. Awesome music, appealing gothic setup, in other words, my cup of tea. Mmm. X3


It doesn't mean if I have a smile outside, means I am not crying within. It doesn't mean if I don't say anything to you, means I don't love you. I still do, but I just don't know how to say it anymore. Or rather, do I have the chance to say it to you again?

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