четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.


SHE'S 18.

Today's attendance at school was soo really bad. You could even count them with my fingers. Well, blame on the boring lessons and courses today. Most of them are top competitors of the class..Mr fairuz's lesson, was an exception. He's was pretty entertaining though. Now, im planning weather to attend school tomorrow. There's math. A really big mistake if i were to miss Mr BY's lessons. So love his lessons. But, there's the freaking MT mock exam. Gosh stupid-ness. If i come, don't come tomorow, most mates are not going to be there. So.. should i come??

Sunday.. study date at AMK library with the 2 of them.. yeah-ness. Qina cousin [she went to IJC.. wa lau..] At least she could guide us through with all the sciences and clear any doubts. Then hopefully to KFC to buka. Fast food attack. weeee..

Looks like the neighbours are busily baking raya cookies. And all geared up for raya. The tempting aroma diffuse through from house to house.. Sedap baunye.. [then nvr give some..] MY house, not even a biscuit is made.. whereas, all the ingredients are layed out.. Nobody in the house thinks about it. Fun part, new curtains are up.. my room is a little tidy from all the books laying around.. and the computer gets a new table..  The boo-ness part, Most lil sis friends are comming over for raya.. whatthetoot.. And most of them are form sec4 NT, sec3s and more from her previous schools.. Seriously a big KNN. hmmpphh  

I've been off from puasa for a week now. Mences attack. Starting it again is soo difficult. wah sey.. Temptations are high.. Now, less that 10 days left.. Endurerences..

Today is such a hot day.  

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