четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.


One thing I sometimes say, when I am boring people by waffling on about computers, is that one should be able to use whatever OS or application one likes, but make sure that the file formats are open so that one may freely exchange information. One of the biggest computer nuisances is trying to exchange information with other users when proprietary formats are involved.
I post this after I found that a professor at 's place of work had sent a file to the library staff for printing and distribution to students. It is a Word (hawk,spit) document containing 27 pages of embedded images in a proprietary Apple format. This was not viewable on any of the Windows machines available to library staff.
With a bit of forethought it would have been possible to send this as a pdf by using NeoOffice, for example. But, in my experience, people insist upon sending this sort of rubbish.

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