четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.

doggiedynasty: Gah!

GAH, I miss blog. Anyways, it's Thursday and I still forgot to post about IRL. Plus, I will openly mention for the first time that the U.S President really...I have no words. He makes me nervous. I'll tell you more when I get home or tommorow. Yes, a layout and icon change. I think my layout needs more black so I'll see what I can do later. I even decreased my tags, but they won't show :( As for icons, HAIL VIRAL! He replaces Shikamaru as my "WHOA" icon, sadly. I'll keep him in photobucket; did I ever mention that NARUTO bugging me a bit? And as much as I like Fujiyama and I have heavy Sexy Commando withdrawal. I wish I could remember where I got the series from, I think I'll change my "WHOA" icon too. I just don't know as what? For my website, HTML documents
- The Constitution - Computer Vocabulary (RAM for example)**
- Neuro-Disorders I am an absoulute retard when it comes to computers, and since it associates with math, it screws me over more. Also, SAMSHO tournament. Oh crap! http://heavenlyspirits.net/forum/showthread.php?t=552 I'm fighting Monohoshizao later this weekend. And wow, has a NICE set of birthdays this October! Not only Fujiwara Keiji (today!), Watanabe Kumiko, K-sensei, Onosaka Maya, Juinchi Kanemaru and Nozawa (I feel like I'm missing another guy, is it Miyata Kouki? Is it Miyata?), but also one of my nieces and my older sisters. and a Mazinkaiser fan from Argentina sent me a YouTube message. :) It makes me want to refresh my Spanish, but from what I can get from it he/she wants me to join a Mazinger club on yahoo and that Nagai Go is making another series?

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