четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.

kapitankraut: Psychosomatic

There was a bit of discussion after the class yesterday about the difficulties of actually getting motivated enough to write these 5000wd papers. I'll admit that I've somehow or another managed to bang out 6000wds in total (3000 on each), but I honestly believe I'm getting psychosomatic hand ailments or something. Every time I get a little twinge in my wrist, I immediately stop typing since it might be RSI or something. Of course, it also might be a sign that an alien spaceship is beaming me up - the two are roughly as likely as each other - but I have to stop anyway. Still, there's only 4000wds to go now, which isn't bad at all considering that at the start of the year there were 40000. I've managed to do so much work that I could in fact go to Gil's wedding and her reception quite easily, without feeling that I should be stuck in front of the computer, on the weekend in between the thesis and coursework falling due.
Unfortunately, said wedding and reception are way down at the Gold Coast and my transport doesn't seem to want to align properly. The wedding's easy enough to get to and from, but the reception isn't.

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