четверг, 4 октября 2007 г.


I feel like I should update with so many things, but I can't be bothered to write them all out. So here goes: - Got a laptop. Told everyone I fell in love with my amazingly gorgeous Adora Belle Dearheart, shortened to Belle for convenience. Everyone took me seriously until I told them I named my laptop that. But she's so pretty! And fast. Especially the fast. Oh, and being able to actually do stuff online besides LJ and msn is a good plus, too. - Started working at a comic book store, though it's much more fun to say it in Dutch. Huzzah for homonyms that translate to stripjoint. I only work there when the boss calls me that he's short on people, but it's still fun. - Made apple pie with . I thought I killed the oven because it didn't work, but it turned out I just unplugged the wrong cord. - Had a birthday, turned nineteen. Pretty much everyone who I know in real life forgot, but most of the online people remembered. You all rock. ♥. stayed over and we were both sundaying it and not really doing anything that required actively moving. And called me! It didn't really work out so I called her back with the regular phone and we spent ten minutes talking about nothing and basically squeeing before I had to hang up or mum would freak out about the phone bill. Ingrid, you have the cutest Norwegian accent ever. +grins+ - Ian came over as well, and he gave us LARPing lessons on sunday that killed my brain with laughter. I really want to learn how to fight with a two-handed axe, but that's kind of a difficult weapon. I'll just stick to one-handed swords until I don't suck as much. - Bought Buffy on dvd and am now the most pathetic nerd in existance. Have been watching the DVDs with mum and both sisters every night for almost a week. We're on season four now. - Had an adventure with the trains last night. I'm not cycling to school when I start at 9.30 and end at 21.15, but it might be a good idea from now on. French class moved up an hour, and I could leave early so I was done by 18.30. Huzzah, free time. There was a train accident (again) so the trains didn't ride. They announced this at about a quarter past seven. Probably some idiot jumping again. Fortunately, I wasn't there to witness it this time. Well, Ivana (really fun girl from my math class) and I were stuck in Utrecht Lunetten, so I called mum asking if she'd come pick me up. Ivana's father didn't know the way to Lunetten, but he did know the way to Houten so she drove with us. It turned out that her father kind of didn't know the way there, so we waited until half past eight or something. I got home around nine. Fun. And that's it, I guess.

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