пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

foxx: 0667: Further down the line

Right now I need a break. Work is draining. The whole not accumulating wads of paid or unpaid time off until a full year after hire date is just not good. I need to find work with a company that's going to treat me better. Contemplating using my precious few days I have reserved to take 2 days off following my days off after I turn 21. Not because I'll be drinking, but because I need to do shit like get state ID that won't say I'm under 21, and just to kick back. I've been working straight since mid-June with no real vacation to speak of, only weekends. In November this household is going to be pulling in about $5,000 gross. We pay about 15% for taxes. Fuuuuuck that is a lot of money to us. Our monthly expenses if we're letting loose big time total to $1,500 or so. We'll be banking *several thousand* in extra money in that month. Which will wind up paid back to people and companies to put us to a debt free level (between October-December we could theoretically pay off $2,500 in personal debts and $2,300(?) in computer debt, but practically we're paying off the people as soon as possible and maknig use of the interest-free nature of owing the big bad Dell company). I bought a 7600 GT for $100 from a nice computer store near my house, and with WoW it gives me 75-100 Gamegasms/second on max everything. It is very nice. I like games a lot more now. It seems like my love of games is inversely proportional to my nightly sleep. Right now I am really, really seriously contemplating my future options for education. I want to live life in a way that makes me happy and pays the bills. I won't do this reliably without training myself academically in what interests me. There's no saying an education will even be fruitful; but for me, so young, and with me just really wanting to do college courses, there's no reason not to. A full-time student position, for tuition, would run me a little over $700 before books. When the house situation and work is more stable for me I fully intend to start my pursuit of more training in the arts through college, and branching out further to do something educationally viable outside of the arts. I may just wind up being an art fruit with a worthless piece of paper, but hey, I can at least obtain an Associate's degree for only a few thousand in tuition and books. And then I can say I did it, feeling very smug while I pour $7 half-fat douple-whip no caff soy lattes. And boy, will I ever rule then! at least it's not an English or philosophy degree. In reality and all likelihood i will wind up with a smattering of totally useless courses i wind up paying hundreds to learn about but can't actually have them apply to anything relating to the eventual degree, if there even is one. Right now (outside of the arts) nutrition and criminology seem the most interesting. yes, please bear witness to my insanity and stupidity. I won't even admit here that statistics seems like it could be interesting (oops). But one thing that excites me is that they offer a course catered to immigrants needing to learn civics for the citizenship exam. Something that will come in very handy 2 1/2 years hence, I'm sure. my most immediate need right now is pressing: sleep. Late bedtimes the last few nights have me feeling wiped. Time to crash. Hope everyone is doing well.

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