пятница, 5 октября 2007 г.

joshman1987: Revival

Finally! A Game Night that didn't suck. To start, we actually were given a room tonight. Also, we had more than 2 members, aside from me. There was Lloyd, who was working last week, Katie (as always), Jay, and Scooter John, to start. Then, it turns out that Brick, Mike, and Melissa all skipped work! Melissa had to for an exam, and Lauren got a doctor's notw cuz she's sick, and Mike... just does that sort of thing and it always works out for him, somehow. Bue yeah, Jared was sick this week. Kinda wish he was there, just to experience a traditional Game Night. Taking a break from my homework now. It took me and Lauren a couple HOURS (!!!) to do the take home quiz we have for FinOp (dumb class). Got back to the room, and studied for my quiz that I have in Japanese tomorrow. As per usual, I'm listening to Japanese music to get me in the mindset. What's different, however, is that it's the "new" Pillows CD. Brick finally downloaded it (a few weeks ago) and gave it to me (finally, because his computer was being stupid). I really like it! If you like the Pillows, there's not much different here, but it's the Pillows, so there's nothing to not like. It's exactly what I've come to expect. Now, after I listen to the CD 20 or 30 times over, I'll add it to the "Pillows Playlist" on my iTunes and it'll go into regular circulation. So, I've got work tomorrow. Kinda sucks, cuz it'll kinda be me in charge, but I don't really know what I'm doing... No worries. The guy who owns the store is a jerk anyway, so I don't feel like working hard or oweing (sp?) him any favors. Also, everyone there does what they want: it doesn't matter if you get caught or not, all that matters is how much our immediate supervisor likes us. And she loves me, so I'm all set. I'm working all weekend, bleh. At least it will translate out to...just shy of $150. And I still have over $70 from my check that was waiting at home, so I've got plenty of money. Now, do I save it, or spend it? And if I spend it, on what? Maybe a new iPod? I really do need one... And I'm going to TRY to not buy any games because I always end up just putting them on the shelf and thinking that I'll "play them sometime." Alas, the woes of a busy gamer. Speaking of being a gamer, me and Brick have to work on the campaign. Seeing how there's no school on Monday, maybe we'll have a DnD marathon? Start in the college morning (like, 3pm), and go till we feel like stopping. Of course, we'll have to take Smash breaks... and I think there might even be HPAs for that night, too. I'll run it by the group, see what they say. Oh, I took a test today. Meh. It wasn't too bad. Except for the critical path problems! ARG! I hate feeling stupid... It gets me really frustrated. I'm sure most of you reading can relate with that. You guys is all wicked smaht. Anyway, this took a little less than 10 minutes, I should probably get back to my Japanese. Only one workbook page left, front and back. And it's only the kanji (KAN-ji) one, so it's kinda easy anyway, just a little time consuming. If Brick were here, I'm sure he'd want me to throw this in as well, because, Drew, you might be reading this: Buy a DS. Really, it's a great purchase. OK, homework time! Ja mata!

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