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psychonurse46: This 'n that...

Well...I finally DID manage to get my cell phone issue resolved. My new RAZR is now fully operational. Now, shall I tell you how retarded I am about these gadgets?? When I opened up the box with my new phone after purchasing it, I never bothered to look for the SIM card -- why?? Because I watched, with my own eyes, the salesperson who sold it to me inserting a SIM card into my phone before turning the thing on and handing it to me. Why she did that I honestly don't know...because, after intensive investigation on my part, repeated phone calls to T-Mobile customer service, etc., my phone STILL wasn't working -- not by any stretch of the imagination! My last phone call to T-Mobile customer service was quite irate, as a matter of fact. After I hung up with them, I began to pack my new cell phone back into its box, in preparation for returning the thing first thing tomorrow, and having the contract extension I'd signed up for canceled. I was completely determined to find a NEW cell phone provider. Well, wouldn't you know...when I opened the box and began re-packing it, what do you imagine I found??? A SIM card!! And guess what happened? I opened up the back of my new cell phone, took the existing SIM card out of it, and replaced it with the new SIM card in the package. Whaddya know?? All of a sudden, the phone was working perfectly! I'm now able to make and receive calls on my new toy with no difficulty whatsoever. I am SUCH a complete dumbass... I'm happily expecting a visit from my oldest daughter, Megan, this weekend. Lucky me that I don't have to work on Sunday night, so we'll get the chance to have a nice, long visit together. I love having her home -- I don't see her NEARLY as much as I'd like to! Yury loves having her home, too...not only is she intelligent and extremely good company, but he also knows that I tend to go to a bit more effort with my dinner preparations when I know that she's going to be with us. And for Sunday evening, I have a prime rib roast and garlic mashed potatoes on the menu! In other news, I should be ashamed of myself. Considering the fact that I have a father AND a brother who are BOTH ex-Marines, you'd think that I'd have known more about the Corps than I do. However, I'm quickly making up for lost time by doing lots and lots of research. Until yesterday, I had had no idea that the Marine "dress blues," had, until very recently, been considered by the Corps to be an optional uniform...and that if a Marine wanted to have his/her "blues," he/she had to pay through the nose to get them! In an e-mail that my Dad sent me yesterday, I learned for the first time that he never even HAD a set of his own "dress blues," because they were so very expensive -- at the time, they cost 3 months' worth of his salary, and back then, he only made $72 per month! And because HE had never had his own set of "blues," he was determined to assure that Melanie could have them, by buying them himself...bless his heart! Happily, it won't be necessary for him to do this on his fixed retirement income -- it appears that as of this month, ALL Marine recruits eligible for graduation from "boot camp" will be issued a set of "blues" while they're still in recruit training. Apparently, the current Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James T. Conway, has decided that EVERY single recruit who earns the right to be called a "Marine" has also earned the right to have a set of the coveted (and often unattainable, for many Marines) "blues." He found it quite unfortunate and unacceptable (as did I) that many Marines wore their "blues" for the first time at their own funerals...after their parents purchased the things for their burial, because they couldn't afford to have them previously. Obviously, my Dad will have to shop elsewhere for Mel's graduation present, because it appears that she'll be one of the first to receive her "blues" under the new regulations. All I can say is, it's about damned time! I was chatting with my brother about this subject earlier today, and he confirmed how expensive the "blues" were while HE was serving. Apparently, they were still astronomically expensive...so much so that he couldn't even DREAM about buying a new set of "blues," and bought his own set used, from a surplus store, which he then took to a tailor to have altered to fit him. I'm very pleased that Melanie won't have to struggle in this way to get her OWN dress uniform...and also that my Dad won't be taking such a huge chunk out of his bank account to pay for the damned thing. As much as I hate having my youngest daughter in the military service during these dangerous times, there is ONE good thing that's come out of it thus far...I have rediscovered the joys of "snail mail" correspondence! Since I finally received a mailing address for Melanie this week, I've been sending her cards and letters every single day -- and intend to keep doing so until just before I leave home for her "boot camp" graduation! Honestly, since the advent of e-mail back in the 1980's, I've slowly learned to forget the joys of written communication. Recently, I don't use the US Postal Service even to pay my bills...I do all of my banking, bill-paying, etc., online! Hell, back in the days when I was still using the mail on a regular basis, one still had to lick the freaking stamps...these new-fangled self-adhesive thingies are completely awesome, in my opinion! Anyway, while out doing my daily errands today, I stocked up on a couple of weeks' worth of "thinking of you" greeting cards...with enough blank space to add a nice, personal message of my own. These will be absolutely ideal for my daily greetings, although I'll more than likely STILL be sending along at least once nice, long, newsy letter each week. As much as I griped and moaned to myself about Mel not being allowed her cell phone and laptop, perhaps it's a good thing...she's more free to focus on what she needs to do to get herself through recruit training, and we're BOTH learning the joys of written correspondence -- Mel for the very first time, and me, after a long hiatus. Hopefully, I won't blow this off once Mel becomes regularly accessible by e-mail once again...I had honestly forgotten how much fun it was to send letters and to look forward to the replies. Is it possible that our society has become far too "technological?" In many ways, I think so...in any case, I need to remember to ask Mel, in the next letter I send her, whether there appear to be many recruits who don't get any cards and letters during "mail call." If so, I more than likely can find the time to write to a couple of them, as well. Since one ISN'T allowed access to e-mail and phone calls during "boot camp," those who don't receive letters from home must be feeling very lonely, indeed... Not much else to tell, today. And since it's now almost 4 a.m., it's time for me to head off to bed...otherwise I'll be positively worthless at work this evening! Undoubtedly, I'll update again at some point this weekend. Have a good one!

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