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tryalittlemore: When Disaster Strikes... And I Get Ranty. Not To Be Taken Seriously.

Okay, picture this. It's night time and I've just had a shower. I'm refreshed and relaxed and ready to sit down at the computer and read some fics. Yep, so I'm feeling good and mellow then- BAM! My water just tipped over and spilled all over the compy. Next thing I know, the mouse. won't. work. Fuck.


The mouse is totally fucked and won't move an inch. Plus, adding to my distress, at the time I was reading... ahem... a rather kinky fic. So, I can't close it or do anything else. For a minute I panicked, then I just shut everything off. Problem with that was that I had to put in a password to restart it and for a second it seemed it wasn't going to work. Thankfully it did. 

I must confess I do have a rather bad track record with electronics. They tend to... break... around me. Or, I kinda break them. Yeah. I remember when I spilled milk all over the keyboard on our old computer. We had to buy a new one and then for some reason the mouse on it started to not work very well...

Heh. Oops.

Anyways, all this has a good side. Sort of. With no computer to distract me, I actually read most of DH. And since I have some kind of inner critic inside of me, I wasn't impressed. Sure, her writing is great and she can tackle mystery/fantasy and totally keep you guessing like an idiot... but damn, does she have no idea how long that thing is? From the point Harry and his pals leave on their grand adventure until he finally destroys the locket, it was like, ten or more chapters?

It just seemed to go on and on... and on... and o- okay, it was annoying! (The other books were like that too, unfortunately.) 

But what really bugged me was Ron's utter... spinelessness. So, yeah he wants to get into Hermione's pants but does that mean he has to agree with everything she says? What was Rowling thinking when she turned him into this jealous, annoying, gutless moron? I started out really liking Ron but by the time I'd gotten to Gof... well, obviously he started to piss me off. Maybe it's the red hair...

Hermione wasn't much better. It seemed like everything she said ended in exclamation marks and her know-it-all attitude kind of turned me off her character years ago. I used to like her a lot, too. But like Xeno said, rigid, narrow minded, unimaginative. So, so true.

As for Harry... Oh fuck, the angsting. 

HARRY: Let's find the Horcruxes....angsts, angsts, angsts, angsts, The Deathly Hallows exist Hermione! angsts, angsts, angsts, angsts....(and just for good measure) ANGSTS!

Of course, Harry is such a misunderstood hero and no one ever believes him even after time and time again showing quite clearly that they should trust his instincts. But no, his friends remain ever doubtful. Because that always worked so well.

HARRY: I'm telling you, Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater!

RON & HERMIONE: But Harry, that just couldn't be! Dumbledore, in all his wisedomness, is all knowing and would surely tell us if he happened to be a Death Eater. I mean, why would all those years of his verbal abuse and his father's influence mean anything at all towards his future 'career'?

HARRY: But the Deathly Hallows fits so well...

RON: Sorry mate, but if I'm ever going to get any, I have to disagree with you in front of Hermione. Yeah, Love and War and all that stuff. Because, let's face it, I'm a guy and I HAVE NEEDS! Why can't you see that?

(Heheh. That makes me laugh.)

I could be wrong about all that... but I don't care. :P Also, Dumbledore and Grindelwald? Totally doing each other. Yep, yep :)

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